ICE! with Charlie Brown

On the Wednesday before Christmas, we participated in our normal pre-Christmas tradition with the Millsaps by going to see ICE!  This will be year 3 or 4 I think.  This time, it wasn't the Grinch, but a Charlie Brown ICE!  I will say it wasn't as good as the Grinch, but it was still cute.  After, we went to eat at Cock of the Walk there near the Opryland Hotel (or Gaylord, but I refuse to give up on the Opryland name!).

I haven't been to Cock of the Walk in forever and it was quite delicious!  The girls loved this big chair.  I wish we had made plans to go to the hotel to look at the lights after, but we just didn't have the time.  Plus, it costs a fortune just to park and we weren't into it.  I'm making a mental note for next year though.

It was a great time as usual with our friends.  I hope it's better next year or we might have to trade ICE for the lights of the hotel!

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