10th Day of Christmas-Station Hill

Today I want to share something that I am SO excited about!  Many of you know that I'm a member of a pretty large church in a city further north of where I live.  Steve and I have been a member of Brentwood Baptist Church almost 10 years (in January) and we have never felt more at home.

About a year ago, after much prayer and consideration, BBC decided to launch a regional campus and it just happens to be in my back yard (well, not literally, but you know what I mean).  This whole year, we have been meeting and working together to prepare for our launch Sunday (February 2010).  It has been tiring, but exciting.  We have gotten close to many of the families that we will "do life" with over the next number of years.

Our new church will be called The Church at Station Hill and you can find more about it here as soon as the website is functional.

Making this move has definitely been out of my comfort zone.  I have been a member of 2 churches in my entire life...my home church, Radnor Baptist and my current church home, Brentwood Baptist.  I love BBC.  Let me make sure you understand.  I.  LOVE.  BBC.  I love the bigness of it.  I love the people.  I love the pastor.  I love the children's program.  I love that we have a library.  I love the choir.  I love the orchestra.  I love most everything about it.

But Station Hill will have the DNA of BBC, but we will be our own church.  And I'm going to be part of it.  And in 20 years when Station Hill is as big as BBC, I can say I was there from the beginning.  How cool is that?

So, if you are looking for a church home and live south of Nashville, come see us in February.  And if you can't wait until then, come tomorrow night at 4pm.  We'll celebrate the birth of the Christ child together.

I'll be there.

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