4th Day of Christmas-HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHASE!

Well, today I'm going to honor the big birthday boy, CHASE!

Because I know there are some readers that visit from Facebook, I feel the need to give a smidge of background on Chase...who he is etc.

Chase is my all-grown up step-son.  I met Chase when I met Steve.  Chase was 6 years old.  As you remember a day or two ago, I told the story of meeting Steve through Micah.  Well, Micah and I were super close.  In fact, for her, there were times when she was jealous...not of Steve's time spent with me, but my time spent with anyone BUT her.  It was very sweet.  Micah and I were close (we still are, but in a different, grown-up way).  Chase...well, he always acted like he could care less about...almost everything.  He was very laid back.  If I was around, he was OK with that.  If I was not around, he was OK with that too.  And he'd argue with a brick wall.  We always got along, but the relationship was different than with Micah.  Maybe it's the difference between girls and boys.

Anyway, before I knew it, Chase had grown up and turned into a MAN.  And a handsome man at that.  He went to Marine bootcamp this year and graduated with flying colors.  He's now a Private First Class in the Marines and about to graduate from his occupational specialty school.  He also turns 22 years old today

And I am very proud of him.  He's taken control of his life and I could not be more...surprised?  No, no, I mean HAPPY!  And I love him like crazy.

Happy birthday Chase.  I'm so very proud of you.

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