2nd Day of Christmas-Grandparents Day

Today, Jenna's school celebrated Grandparents Day.  It's kind of a combination Grandparents Day celebration and Christmas Program.  Poor Jenna, she's down 2 grandparents since this time last year.  Thank God for Pacockey (Steve's dad) and Nana (Bertie, my step-mom).  Nana made a special effort to attend this year.  Not sure if Pacockey was there...sometimes he comes in late and we don't see him.  Jenna might not realize it now, but as she gets older, the fact that her grandparents came to her programs will mean so much to her.

So, about grandparents...mine were already gone by the time I was born, so I've never had the experience of grandparents.  Most of you have and you are so lucky.  I'm thrilled that my Dad found Bertie (for a multitude of reasons) and that she became a grandmother to Jenna that I thought she might not ever have.  (For those of you that may not know or remember, I lost my mom in 1992 to cancer...long before JG was born).

Anyway, I love Nana and Pacockey and in this holiday season, I'm thankful for them.  Not just for what they are to me in my life, but for what they mean to my daughter.

Merry Christmas Nana and Pacockey!

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