Christmas Card Pictures...

I've had a request for this, so just for you Stacey... :)

Just so you know, the Taylor Family may not have Christmas cards this year.  Because we are trying to save money you ask?  No......because there is no possible way to get a decent Christmas photo of all of us. 

This year, we have our new addition, Katie, who is NOT to be left out of the photo.  Unfortunately, with a dog that is highly trained to keep an eye on Steve (literally), it's hard to get her to look at the camera.  Not to mention, Jenna is into that fake smile thing and it looks AWFUL!  Her smile is so beautiful when it's genuine, but you parents all know what I'm talking about right?  That goofy, forced smile that they start doing.  It's enough to drive me crazy.

I even bought a fancy, schmancy remote for my Rebel so that I could set Jenna, Steve and Katie in position and then get into position myself without having to rush before the flash went off.  But even a fancy remote can't shave the 30-40 extra pounds off me.  I looked like a big red whale next to Steve. 

So, there you have me, looking awful (and yes, I know all of us women think we look worse than we do, but seriously...) Steve looking normal, Jenna forcing her smile and Katie looking everywhere BUT the camera. 

Finally, we ended up on the stairs and the pictures were great.  Except since I was using the remote so instead of getting up to look at each one, I'd just take a few shots.  By the time we got to the stairs, I was exhausted, hot and starting to get cranky, so I just packed it up and was done with it.  Those pictures would have been gold except for the fact that I'd moved Jenna up one stair to sit on my lap to hide my body and only realized when I looked at the pictures that I'd cut both our heads off. 

But Steve and Katie look great.

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Christy said...

But wait!!! We want to see the failures! Those often make the best pictures!