7th Day of Christmas - The Taylors

This one won't be as long as the others because I think I've said this on here about 100 times already.  I LOVE THE TAYLORS.  I know that I have been adopted in via marriage, but this family...I love them.  I love that they have their own dysfunctions, but it is never something that is dwelt upon.  I always have a great time when I spend time with them.  And I am very much looking forward to Christmas Day night which is when we do the Taylor Family Christmas.

Steve's sister, Deanne, was the first to know about Steve and I dating way back when.  There is a 15 year age difference between Steve and I and when we first met, I was 20 and he was newly divorced, 2 kids and 35 years old.  You can imagine what we knew the family would say when they found out we were dating.  Deanne was the first to either figure it out or be told and I remember talking to her on the phone and telling me that it didn't matter what anyone said...if we were happy, that was all that mattered.  Not sure what the rest of the family thought of it.  I'm sure they were very scared for Steve.  He'd been hurt badly during his separation and divorce and here comes along a 20 year old "teeny bopper" which is what his ex-girlfriend called me and my best friend.

Anyway, despite their reservations (which I'm sure they had), the Taylors fully embraced me from the moment I entered the family.  If my recollection is correct, I believe Christmas was the first holiday I spent with them.  So, Steve and I would have been dating about 5 months by then.  I remember they all welcomed me and I never felt unwanted or out of place.  And I still feel that way.  And if you want to go to Christmas at the Taylors, you will be treated the exact same way.

I have grown to love each and every one of them.  And I hope they feel the same way.

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