8th Day of Christmas - Happy Birthday Rachel!

Another birthday celebration!  And this one a super-special one...for my bestie in the world, Rachel!

Rachel and I go way back.  Way back as in back to when I was in kindergarten.  And that means Rachel was like 4.  Seriously.  We have known each other FOR FREAKIN EVER.

I don't know what my world would be like with Rachel (and her family) in it.  Let me tell you about a few of the reasons why...

Rachel and I have been friends for a long time, but she was one of the reasons I maintained my sanity when my mom was dying with cancer.  That happened when I was 18, so remember she would have only been 16 at the time.  As a 16 year old who knew my mom VERY well (our families go back further than we do), she could have been very uncomfortable to be in the house with a dying woman.  I know at that age, I would have been.  And maybe she was.  But I never knew it if so.  She spend just about every night with me.  With Alive Hospice in the adjoining room caring for my mom.

And we laughed.  A LOT.  Frequently.  Probably more laughing was had in my mom's last few days then ever in my life.  And just so you know, my mom would have had it no other way.  She was right there by my side the morning mom passed away.  And she went with us to pick out the cemetary plot and probably to the funeral home, but I can't remember.  She never left my side.

She was in my wedding.  Again, right by my side (OK, not RIGHT by my side.  Steve was right by my side, but you know what I mean!)  8 1/2 years ago, we was again by my side while I gave birth to Jenna.  And for the last almost 3 years, she and her family has spent Christmas Eve with me and my family so that I don't have to be alone (my mother always hosted Christmas Eve for my family) and that means more to me than she could ever possibly know (though I bet she's figured it out now).

We work together.  We church together.  We hang together.  We vent together.

Rachel-happy birthday my friend.  You make my life better by just being part of it.  I can't wait to see what the next few years bring us and our mini-me's!

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