Summer Friends

For as long as I can remember, I've been jealous of people who have really good neighbors.  When we moved here to the "hill", we found we have the really good neighbors we've always been jealous of!  There are not TONS of kids in the neighborhood that are Jenna's age, but luckily, there is one who happens to live just across the street from us that she's really hit it off with.

Since Steve has been at home, the summers have been somewhat boring for Jenna.  But this year especially was made more bearable by her sweet friend from across the street.  They hung out nearly ALL summer and if it weren't for her, Jenna might have driven Steve completely crazy.

You can't find a child sweeter than Grey.  She has such a sweet disposition and her manners are something Jenna could learn from.  I am always happy when Grey comes over because I never hear a peep from the girls and I know Jenna is thrilled to have someone to hang out with.

So one weekend, I took them outside and tried to get a few photos to document the fun times they had this summer....

This is what summer memories are made of.


Julie said...

LOVE the trampoline pictures, so sweet. And what great action shots :)

Kate said...

Such cute photos...I love the shadows on the trampoline!! I love catching up with your sweet family...so glad to see you are all settling in. I had such sleep issues with my oldest Lia that it was a huge factor in deciding to adopt again...but of course they fade in time and now Lia sleeps just fine (she's almost 8! :-)). It can really do a number on you...but it seems like it's settling down...and I just want to encourage you that it WILL eventually be a distant memory!!

Anyway...looks like you all are enjoying summer...so happy to see!

Kate (mom2lia on rumor queen)