A Big Day

As you are reading this, we are likely on our way to the hospital.  Yesterday was a great day at church that ended with our annual church picnic and baptisms at the lake.  It's always a great time and there's nothing like watching your friends affirm their relationship with Christ through baptism.  I had a great peace about today, but towards the end of the evening I knew I was more short with my family than normal.  So I know deep down I'm worried.  What mom wouldn't be?

I'll update here,but I thought I'd try to leave you a little something else to read in between the updates.  Jenna has started cheerleading at school this year.  She did a cheer camp this summer and really enjoyed it.  Now she practices weekly after school.

The first week of practice after school they got their uniforms.  Hopefully in the next few weeks, they'll cheer at their first game and we will find out just how much she like cheering.  But until then, I really think she's super cute in her uniform!

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