Day of Surgery

I was thinking I'd have more time to post updates today. Those of you who have been through this probably are thinking HA!

We were mercifully allowed to feed Kylie some jello and pedialyte for breakfast at 8:00. She ate 3 and 1/2 cups of jello and we never heard a peep from her the rest of the day concerning food. That in itself was a huge blessing!

We arrived at the hospital right at 11:00 and were in pre-op by 11:40. Another blessing was not one, but two nurses were from our church. Christine and Kathy took such good care of us. Our pastor came to pray and Deanne was here too along with Steve's dad.

Kylie had a great time playing in her bed and riding the plastic cars around the hallway. Pics of that when I'm able. Her fun increased significantly when the "happy juice" came! She had us in stitches!!

Surgery didn't start until about 2 but at 3:00 an update came that she went to sleep peacefully and that surgery was about 1/2 over. We visited with another sweet family from church and then Jenna (who arrived about 2:45), Deanne and I went for lunch/dinner.

At 4:00 we had just gotten off the elevators into the waiting room when we were called back. The surgeon came right out and reported the surgery a resounding success! The palate closed pretty easily and while there will be other surgeries in the future, he is optimistic this will be the only palate repair. He really put our concerns to rest and said she'd be in PICU tonight just to monitor her breathing. Then several more nights in the hospital to be sure she's eating and drinking.

We only waited an hot before coming back to recovery which is where we still are waiting for a PICU room. Hopefully we will move there soon.

Kylie is in quite a bit of pain but they are really staying on top of it. She's been awake to see us and Jenna but is still pretty upset when she is semi conscious.

Please pray for pain control tonight and somewhat decent rest for me and Kylie and also for Steve and Jenna who will sleep at home. Also pray we will start to see Kylie get an appetite back because the sooner that happens the sooner we can go home.

Thanks for the literally hundreds of posts, texts and voice mails we have received today. I can tell you without a doubt God has heard and answered them all. Keep them coming!

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Vicky said...

praying for a good night and peace for your little one as she recovers.