19 Months!

*This was written prior to Kylie's surgery and set to post today. 

Kylie is 19 months old today!  Her speech has improved dramatically in the last month and we hope after her palate heals, it will continue.

She now says Mama, Daddy, amen, up and a handful of other words.  Her signing has also picked up to include thank you, up, cookie, cracker, help, love.

She's not just walking but running and is super happy most days.  She continues to sleep well, about 12 hours a night.  We are lucky to get an hour nap from her, but we have adjusted our expectations in that area and things feel so much better.

Kylie continues to go to the nursery on Sundays and loves it.  She really also loves her big sister.  Jenna can make her laugh like no one else in this family.  It's hilarious to watch and makes my heart happy.  In fact, this past Sunday, I left my Sunday School classroom to get some supplies while Jenna entertained Kylie until it was drop off time.  I came back to this:
They had gotten themselves seated and were "eating lunch".  Oh dear...these two...melt my heart.

What else?  Kylie still eats well, but again, that will take a back seat while her palate heals.  She loves to sing, dance and anything that entails those things.  Steve has now adjusted to being at home with her during the day without Jenna around.  So far, so good.

Kylie's hair is growing like nuts and I love it!  I can't wait until it gets long enough to do something with.  I thought about cutting it and evening it up but I just can't bring myself to do it.

We just celebrated our 5 months home and I can't believe it's been 5 months.  Some days it feels like we've been together forever and then others it seems like just a few weeks.  I'm not sure how 5 months can seem like so short and so long a period of time all at once.

Before long, I'll be saying the same thing about our one year anniversary.  Time is funny like that isn't it?

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Julie said...

Wow, 5 months already!!! We had to cut Ella's, I put it off so long but when it's time you will know. She was sporting a serious mullet :)

Praying she is having a good day today and you and Steve are getting some rest!