Post Op Day 2

I apologize to those of you who aren't FB friends with me since I didn't have time to blog last night, it might have appeared I left you all hanging.  I was "on" last night at the hospital and I just didn't have time to update the blog.

I did get a good night's rest on Tuesday night at my sister's house.  Because it's in the same city as Jenna's school, we didn't have to get up so early to get to school and that was VERY nice.  I got Jenna to school on time and headed to the hospital to relieve Steve.

The night had been a long one for them both.  The only real complaint we have had here was concerning the night crew Tuesday night.  They didn't try and get the vitals and pain medicine on the same schedule so they were in every 2 hours doing something.  And even though Kylie is pretty good about having people mess with her, I'm here to tell you, this girl is D-O-N-E!  So ever visit was traumatizing to her.  Then they also woke her up to change her diaper.  This is the ONLY time anyone other than us changed her diaper.  Anyhow, it was a long night and made worse by the fact Kylie woke up about 5am and just could not be consoled.  Steve finally discovered the problem...
Her IV had infiltrated (the tube has come out of the vein) and her arm felt like (and looked a little like) a cucumber.  Steve called for the nurses stat and they all came running.  They ended up removing the IV since she had begun drinking.  I arrived after dropping Jenna off and discovered they planned to give her a shot to help relieve the fluid in her arm.  A SHOT.  That's what they said.  But it was "just a sub cutaneous shot", so really not a big deal.


What they ended up doing was not one, but TEN SHOTS all the way around her elbow.  And I got the pleasure of holding my screaming baby down while they poked her over and over and over again.  10 times.  It probably took less than 2 minutes, but by the time it was over, I was sobbing...SOBBING, Kylie was screaming and sweating and the sweet, sweet nurse for the day was also in tears.  I was so distraught, that I never ever heard them pack up and leave (it took me and two other nurses to hold her still and the one nurse giving the shots), but just whisked her away to console her.  As an aside, if there was ever any doubt of my love for this child, it is gone now.  I would have gladly taken her place at that moment.  Or any moment we have been through this week. 

Anyway, right after they left, our friend from church, Samantha (she did our airport arrival pics) came for a visit.  I asked if she'd been here long and she said not long.  I told her what happened and she said the nurse that checked her in was crying.  Such sweet nurses. The good news is that the shots did what they were supposed to and the swelling is almost all gone now and started going down immediately.

Kylie slept in my arms for several hours after that and the rest of the afternoon was really good.  We got her up and walking and she'd walk and wave at everyone she passed.
Then in the afternoon, I was here with her while Steve took Katie to potty.  He called to say that he met someone on the elevator that identified him via Katie.  Shortly after his call, there was a knock on the door and my adoptive friend Kelly walked in!!!  How ironic she would be here (to visit her niece) the same week we are here!  We met online and thought we might travel together, but ended up passing in the sky...she was coming home as we were going.  It was so awesome to meet her in person!!! 

We had several other visitors yesterday and that was fun.  It's good for Steve and I especially to break up the monotony of being in this room all day.

Kylie ate applesauce and pudding and drank quite a bit.  This is good and will get us discharged sooner rather than later.  We aren't sure what to expect in terms of being discharged.  Some are telling us tomorrow or Saturday and the surgeon keeps saying we'll be here a full week.  So I guess the truth is somewhere in between there.

Kylie has eaten well again this morning...a full 6oz of yogurt and almost a whole pudding cup.  She had an OK night sleeping but she's having a congested time of breathing, mostly because she now has a roof of her mouth where there was once a huge hole.  She just slept restlessly and I barely slept.  The nurses last night were great and we got her vitals, pain meds and antibiotics all at once.  All in all, I think she's doing well.  I'm praying we are home this weekend and not here over Labor Day.

She is also going 6 hours between pain meds.  I think she is ready for a nap now but they are coming to do vitals at noon, so we are trying to keep her up until then. 

We appreciate the prayers, texts and messages.  They are felt and are being answered.


Kevin and Michele said...

Wow, that is so sad. I have been following your blog for a while now, but don't usually post! I remember you from RQ when you were going through the agency change!
OK, all I got to say is take that baby home. I don't know what your surgeon is looking for by keeping her so long, but if she breathed right after the first night and no major swelling and is eating and has no other medical things going on... there is no reason why they can't send her home today.
I think you will be totally SURPRISED at the bounce back she will do once out of that situation. No IVs, no every hour in the night checks, no worry about someone else giving her medicine on time (you can do it!).
Our baby and MANY other cl/cp babies have gone home the day after the surgery and after one night of overnight watch for breathing. Our son did a 180 once we left that hospital. I am all for hospitals doing their job, but in times like these, they really make it worse.
There is no way I would have stayed another night unless our son had complications. But it doesn't sound as if there are any complications going on with Kylie.

Staying at the hospital for a week isn't going to make it heal better or faster and it won't prevent fistulas. Our son got a very small one that closed on it's own. He would have gotten it wether he stayed there a week or left after one night.

Well, I know you want to do what your doctor thinks is best, but you might want to just ask him what he is thinking will happen if you leave now. I have never heard of a cp surgery patient staying a week when they didn't have any complications.

Anyway, blessings to your family.... she will be just fine. Not to worry!

Kevin and Michele said...

Also feel free to email me if you have any questions! homecoordinator@yahoo.com

Anne said...

Just delurking to say I'm glad she is doing so well! Sorry about all those shots...poor K, and poor Mama Hope you all get to go home very soon!