She's Growing!

Wednesday we went to the doctor for Kylie's 18 month checkup.  Poor thing got 3 shots and ran a fever the entire next day.  I felt so bad for her, but we'd rather her go through this now than get some horrible illness later.  And for what it's worth, I know some folks are anti-vaccine for a number of reasons, but we aren't, so that's just not open for discussion here.  :)

The good news is that since her first visit back in May, she has gained 3 pounds and has grown 2 inches!  This is great news!!! She went from below the 10th %ile in weight to just a smidge under the 25th %ile!  Those 2 inches took her from the 10th %ile in height up to just over the 25th %ile!  So the doctor is very pleased and so are we!

She was sassy as could be in the doctor's office and she was pleased to see more of her personality coming out. 
Yes, it makes me shudder to see them both on the pediatrician floor, but what can you do?  She was happy down there.  :) 

Kylie's sleeping is still going well, but we are about to have to adjust some meds she's on for allergies and I'm not sure whether that will affect her or not.  We are getting closer to her palate repair surgery which we already know will probably set the good sleeping back a ways.  We are trying to prepare for that too.

As far as speech, Kylie is still pretty far behind children of her age.  However, she's attending speech therapy 2x per week and she does "say" a few words....I know by her intonation what she is trying to say, but you can't make them out yet.  She's picking up signs left and right...which is great.  And she will imitate anything and everything we do.

She loves the nursery at church but she is always so happy when I come pick her up and that is my favorite part of my day.  Every afternoon when I come in from work, I get accosted by Kylie, Jenna and Katie.  It's frustrating sometimes because I'm left standing in the middle of the kitchen in my heels, holding my purse, lunch bag and work back along with the dog licking me, Jenna hugging on me and me holding Kylie with all the other stuff.  Poor Steve can't get close, but he's usually cooking dinner anyway.  :)  I digress...

Kylie is a great eater!  She eats just about anything you put in front of her and lately she's discovered dipping fries, chips, whatever in ranch dressing.  Oh yes, she is definitely a Taylor because I remember daycare remarking how Jenna used to want to dip everything in Ranch! Definitely my girls!  She also is working really hard on eating with a fork and spoon.  Unfortunately, she can't quite keep the food on them yet, but she tries really hard.  She will feed herself and prefers to.  Sometimes we just need to help so she doesn't shovel in too much.  And while she likes most food, she has definite ideas about what she likes better which means she refuses what you give her if there's something she thinks is more tasty on her plate.

Developmentally speaking, Kylie is blazing a trail through toddler hood.  She is now developmentally on target with most other 18 month olds (except the speech part).  She is walking very well, playing independently and since she's been getting the sleep she needs, she is SO sweet and happy!!!  We are staring down the barrel at 5 months in our arms and I can't believe we are here already.  Phew.

She's a sweet blessing to us and we are so glad we are seeing her little personality shine through.  We are praying for a successful palate repair and to see her speech explode after her healing is complete.

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