County Fair!

Last weekend, we managed to squeeze in an annual tradition of ours...the county fair.  We have typically gone every year with the Millsaps, but this year we weren't able to swing it.

However, thanks to Groupon, we got a super deal on 2 adult and 2 kids tickets.  Since Kylie is free, we allowed Jenna to invite a friend and she brought our good friend Riley Grace from church.  Riley Grace was game for all the rides that Jenna wanted to try.

 They even ventured out and did this one...
And I think this is the point where sweet Riley Grace drew the line and said she was done and wanted dinner.  :)

Kylie wasn't too enthused with the whole thing.
She just wasn't a big fan of riding in the stroller for so long and we didn't think she was ready for the rides.
So, we wore her out allowing her to walk around a bit while the girls waited in line and rode rides.  She sure did like walking around so we didn't let her get too far.

My favorite thing about the fair isn't the animals (we didn't have time to even see them).  Nor is it the rides.  My favorite thing from the fair???
YES.  PLEASE.  My giant iced tea and ribbon fries.  Also, this is the one time a year that I eat a corn dog.  I usually get something deep fried for dessert (Oreo, snickers, etc.) but this year, we all split a funnel cake (which didn't get photographed because it was gone TOO fast!)  We didn't take Kylie anything extra to eat, but she was loving anything on a stick.
As always, it was a great time and Kylie's first visit to a fair.  First corn dog.  I'm so glad we went.  The weather was perfect and the crowds were definitely manageable.  I can't wait until next year when Kylie is old enough to ride things. 

I might try a few out myself. 

And I'm definitely going to get my fill of deep fried oreos/snickers/funnel cakes.

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Christy said...

sounds like fun! I am so ready for it to get cooler so we can get outside and do more things! Too hot here to venture out for very long!