All About Me

Last Thursday was Meet the Teacher Night at school.  It was a crazy busy night but it's always enjoyable to see what your kids are doing and hear what all they are going to be learning that year.

When we first arrived, the hallway was lined with All About Me posters.  Jenna's was just as cute as the others, but what impressed me most was the section on "my church"...

"has a lot of adopted families".  147 million orphans.  And no, our church doesn't have 147 million orphans, but how marvelous that Jenna knows that there ARE that many in our world.

The rest of the evening was great, except for the 15 minutes in which I realized I had left my rings on the sink in the bathroom of the restaurant across the street while washing my hands.  Luckily, it's frequented by a lot of school families and one lady had mercy on me and turned them in. 

Other than that, it was fun and informative.  I'm looking forward to a great 5th grade year!

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