Beautiful August Saturday

Last weekend, Steve was busy all Saturday, so I headed out with the girls to do some errands.  It started out with breakfast at IHOP.

In our attempt to get everything done, Kylie got antsy in the car.  So we made a stop at the historic Battle of Franklin just to get out of the car and walk around.

It didn't take us long to walk the entire area, but the view of Franklin was pretty nice at the top...
After some silliness,

Kylie was happy to get back in the car just long enough for our next stop...

Everyone loves the park!  Even Jenna.  And we finally got Kylie to go down the side by herself and she loved it!  She loves the park!  It was such a nice day!  I was just glad to be outside and I think she was too.

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Luciana said...

Weeeeee Kylie! How cute her first solo slide. Great impromptu photo shoots. :)