Homemade Baby Wipes

OK, I'll admit it.  I'm pretty frugal when it comes to buying and clipping coupons and cooking in instead of eating out.  But I'm not a make-your-own-baby-food etc. kind of girl.  For me, time saving is important and I never had time to stand around and puree fruits and veggies and freeze them into ice cube trays.  (no offense to those who do, I just never had time).

But I have taken a shine to some things I have found on Pinterest.  Probably my favorite things are the tips and tricks that I find.  For example, this one is one I've been needing for a LONG time.  I have never found any cleaner to work on the black mess on my flat top stove.  And this one WORKS.  Like for real, it works.

I plan to try this one soon.  I just ran out of time the last few weekends.  I do love the clean smell of freshly laundered clothes.  And so I can't wait to see how this works out.

Oh, and this one???  This will come in handy eventually because I have two little water-bugs in my house and Jenna frequently complains about her ears having water in them.

Ever since Jenna was a wee-one, I have used baby wipes.  Doesn't matter what kind (I prefer Huggies) or what scent, I use them for EVERYTHING.  11 years people!  I still have wipes on my grocery list every month!  Then a few weeks ago, I found this on Pinterest.  And I decided to give it a try.

It is so super easy.  And I had just about everything needed already in the house.  I did go ahead and get the Viva paper towels since everyone I checked with claimed they were the best.  And the other stuff I just had.  I had the green container, but not a round one, so I bought two of those at the Dollar Tree.  The Viva roll is just a little bit too fat to fit in the blue topped container, so I unrolled some to make it fit and then piled the unrolled towels up and put them in the green topped container, almost like a regular wipe box.  I used an electric knife to cut the roll because it is WAY easier and less messy. 

The wipes turned out GREAT!  We have already used the one blue topped container we keep in the kitchen.  I made one for Kylie's room.  I don't use these wipes for stinky diapers....they aren't AS thick as the regular Huggies or Pampers wipes and that's just not a chance I want to take when changing that kind of mess.  :)

But this will save us tons of money in the long run.  So easy!  And cheap!!

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