Prayer Requests

Wednesday night my Bible study girls prayed over me as I embark upon this big part of our journey to Kylie.  As they prayed over me, they touched on so many things that need to be prayed over.  So as my friend Stacey recently said, if you are the praying type, here's how you can be praying for us specifically:

*Health-pray that she is healthy and remains that way throughout the duration of our trip.  I have meds for a variety of illnesses that might occur, but it would really be un-fun to have sick baby on top of everything else.
*Her heart-Kylie is leaving EVERYTHING she has ever known to go with people who don't sound like her, don't look like her and don't act like her.  She is going from the only place she's known for a lengthy van ride to us, then to a hotel, then out and about etc.  For a child who has never seen anything but the inside of a hospital and orphanage, that is terrifying.  Please pray that God continues to prepare her heart to know us even though she's never met us.
*Bonding-Pray that this happens as easily as can be expected.

*Health-I really worry about Jenna getting sick.  She's never been on this long of a flight before and I am praying her immune system is rock solid.
*Pray for her safety-China is a VERY. BIG. PLACE.  There are lots of people in China.  We've had discussions about always holding on to me, Aunt DeeDee or the guide no matter what.
*Pray for her heart-remember, for 10 years, Jenna has known life as pretty much an only child in the good ole USA.  She has known the love of a mother, father, sister, brother, family, friends, church and God.  It's quite the bubble she's lived in (we all have).  She is going to see things that she never knew existed.  She will see an orphanage full of children who have no mother or father.  I want this to impact her, but it will be hard for her sweet hard to digest.  Also, pray for her as she tries to bond with Kylie.  She is having a hard time understanding how Kylie wouldn't just love her right away like our friends Wylie, Nonie and Mary Brooks do.  Also, she has been our only child for 10 years.  Pray she feels our love as never ending no matter what.  It breaks my heart to think she might think we love her less, or not at all, now that Kylie is here.
*Pray against fear-Jenna's pretty fearless.   I want to keep it that way.  Pray that Satan doesn't get a foothold in this area.

*My bonding with Kylie-I have read a lot lately about mom spending so much of their time making sure their new child bonds with them.  But this is NOT a one-way street.  I need to learn to bond with this child I've never met.  It's not like I carried her in my womb for 9 months...even though I have longed for her and prayed for her that long.  Post-adoption depression is real.  Pray against that with me.
*Patience-Oh my, yes I know what happens when people pray for patience.  One of my biggest fears (because I know myself too well) is that I will take my frustration, fatigue, fear out on Jenna.  I already know that at home Steve and Jenna get the brunt of my bad moods.  I will be jet lagged, irritated and scared out of my mind.  Please, PLEASE pray that I will remember to take my sweet girl's heart into consideration before snapping at her.  I can't bear the thought of her thinking that it's all Kylie's fault that I'm being hateful to her.  This is probably my biggest failure as a mom even now.
*My health-Again, I have tons of meds for what might ail me, but I need my strength.  I can get sick all I want when I'm home with Steve, but I really, really need to stay well (and rested...HA!) while in China and on the way back.

*Health-Those of you who know us, know this goes without saying.  I have a tremendous peace about this with Katie here, but he is still prone to kidney stones and crazy things.  I need to be with him if something happens (trust me when I say HE does not need ME as much as I need him!).  I just want to know he's well.
*His mind-I can't imagine how it must feel to send your wife and daughter (and sister) literally 1/2 way across the world to pick up your daughter and not be going.  Satan could certainly have a field day with this.  Pray that Steve has peace about the way we have arranged this.  And pray that his heart will be protected as Kylie comes home and tries to bond with him.  And pray that he does not worry.  I'm the worrier in the family, but when you are here by yourself, it's easy to think of things to worry about.
*His loneliness-Remember Steve doesn't work outside the home.  So not only will nights be lonely, but so will the days.  Our church family has already made plans to surround him during the time I'm gone, so he might not have a problem with this as much as I think he will, but let's pray for it anyway.  And thanks in advance to those who are going to be loving on him while I'm gone. 

Deanne and family
*All of the above-Not to short change Deanne, because I'm sure she has prayer requests of her own.  However, everything in the above applies to her.  She is going to be leaving a husband at home, alone and 2 grown daughters and 3 grandkids.  Those who love her most are not used to her being away from them for this long.  It is so much easier to be away from your family if you know they are healthy and safe.  Also, Deanne is going to be my surrogate husband while in China and wow...that's a tall order.  I'm going to be leaning on her to help me with Jenna, but she'll also have to balance that with how much (or how little) she can do with Kylie.  Imagine walking this journey with someone only to be limited in what you can do with the new child.  It won't be easy.   For anyone.

So, that's a lot, but there are so many things to pray for.  I'd also add that the long 13 hour flights to go quickly and on time etc. 

We can't say it enough...we covet your prayers....

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