As you know, if you have visited my blog much before, I am a self-proclaimed "blog 'ho".  I read a LOT of blogs.  Like, ahem, 83 blogs.  Lucky for me not everyone blogs every day or else I'd never keep up.

I started out with what I call the "classics".  These are well know blogs (at least in the circles I run in) and people know them by name.  Then, I had family and friends and these are folks I know IRL (in real life).  Then when I started the adoption process, I had adoption blogs.  When I got into the adoption boards, such as Rumor Queen (my guilty pleasure), I started adding China adoption blogs to my blogroll. 

Slowly but surely, I inched upwards towards 100 blogs.  Here and there I would drop a blog for whatever reason.  Many times, the blogger just stopped blogging all together.  Another time, I became annoyed by the blogger for something she did that I didn't think was right.  Over time, my tastes have changed and so has my blogroll.

Now, the majority of the blogs I read are China adoption blogs.  And because of that, I happen to have several families traveling in the next 2-3 weeks and many of them left today meaning they are flying high over the North Pole right now on their way to China, so their blogs are quiet.  I've added a few to my blog roll over there so you can follow along.



Lori @ Five of My Own said...

awesomesauce now I can just come here to stalk our RQ buddies!

Vicky said...

I'm with you! I love blogs, especially those dealing with adoption! I can't wait to see that precious baby girl in her hair bows in your arms!

Kelly the Overthinker said...

Honored to be one of the ones on that list! :)