It's Official...She's Ours!

...At least from the viewpoint of China, she is!

Yesterday, I signed a bunch of papers taking custody and temporary guardianship of Kylie.  Today, we went back to the same Civil Affairs office.

Before we left, I fed Kylie from some of the breakfast buffet at the hotel...
She had some watermelon, hash brown, yogurt and applesauce, which she seemed to like.  Then it was back upstairs to grab our stuff for the trip to finalize the adoption from the Chinese side of things.
This is me putting my thumb print on all the documents.  They asked me questions like how old I was (and yes, I never can remember and had to count on my fingers!), what my job was, why I wanted to adopt from China, did I know she was special needs and did I still want to adopt her.  It was all I could do to choke back the tears and answer, "yes, of course!"

I even had to put Kylie's hand print on the papers.
In about an hour (most of which was waiting), it was over.  And she is officially ours.

After we returned, we took about a 45 minute rest and then we dropped off some laundry to be done and then our guide took us to another Chinese restaurant.  The chicken we got was really good, but do you notice anything odd?
Kylie is about to wake up from her nap and then we are meeting friends for dinner!


Julie said...

Chris is very impressed that you ate the chicken. He wasn't sure he could do that :)

Christy said...

Got to love the chicken heads! Praising the Lord that she is officially yours! Now let's get the US in gear and get you guys home! I am sure Daddy wants to meet his new little girl!

Maryalice said...

Yikes!! I could not have eaten that plate of chicken!!!! :)

theonewhere said...

the food. can't. i was so hungry when we were there. lol. our in province hotel was really the only place to eat and most of the food looked like this. i ate a lot of rice. lol.

brook :)

Amy said...

Love reading all the postings! I have been checking regularly and I know you are staying busy. It sounds as though she is getting settled quite nicely. She is just too cute! It's really nice after all the paperwork and everything is over. I am so glad you guys are having such an easy transition! Thanks for the updates and keep them coming!