The Best Deal Yet

This past weekend, I scored the best deal for Kylie that I think I ever have.  There is a little kid's consignment store here in our city and both Jenna and I love to shop there.  It seems busy a lot, so I think they'll be around for a while. 

Anyway, I stop in there periodically and buy Kylie and outfit or Jenna something.  I bought a few pair of shoes for Kylie this weekend.  I also bought her a bunch of big lego-ish building blocks.

But this...
...was the best deal.  This is a TMX Tickle Me Elmo.  I had never seen such a thing until I saw one in our nursery area at church.  This thing is hilarious and amazing!  It falls over laughing and rolls over, sits back up etc.  I looked at them when I first saw them in the nursery and I remember seeing they were way too expensive for my budget.

When I came across this one at the consignment shop, I couldn't remember exactly how much it was, but I knew the price on it was a good deal.

If you click here, you can see the price on Amazon.   That's right...$129.  Of course, it's new on Amazon and the one I bought is used.  But you wanna know what I paid for it?


I'm not kidding.  I don't think they knew what they had on their hands, but I sure did!  I put new batteries in Elmo and he's as good as new! 

I figure if Kylie doesn't like him, then I'll take him because I sure do!

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Vicky said...

Wow! What a great deal! Congratulations!