We are headed home!

We are waiting on the bellman to come up and take our suitcases to the van.  After a short ride, we will be at the Hong Kong airport and ready to head home.

Our flight leaves at 11:10am Hong Kong time.  As of now, it's on time.  There are a few last minute prayer requests...

Kylie is in a great mood this morning.  Pray this continues through the flight and that her ears do not hurt.  Pray this for Jenna, Deanne and I too.

Pray that our flight really does leave on time.

Pray that our flight is uneventful and that we all stay calm on the flight.

Pray that our flight to Nashville from Chicago is a good one and ON TIME.


We are almost home!!!


Vicky said...

Sandra, praying that you have a wonderful trip home with on time flights and a baby that sleeps and is happy during the trip!

Christy said...

Praying! Praying! Praying! Can't wait to see pictures from the homecoming!