The first 24 hours....

Kylie is napping, but should be waking soon.  However, I wanted to give an update on how the first 24 hours has gone.

Kylie is a very happy girl.  I finally had the chance to look at the CD of photos the orphanage gave us and there are so many of her smiling even from her earliest days there. 

Kylie is also a very active baby.  Which means, she is ALWAYS moving, playing, looking etc.  This is great except it's hard to sit at a restaurant and eat because she gets tired of being in one place for too long.  And it's also hard because while Deanne and Jenna can help, they are limited to what they can do.

Kylie took her first bottle about 6pm last night and it took her forever.  However, if truth be told, I probably wasn't using the cleft bottle to it's fullest potential.  Since she has a cleft palate, she has to chew the nipple of the bottle.  The cleft bottles are soft and can be squeezed to help get the liquid out.  She worked really hard but only ended up eating about 2 oz.  She went right to sleep when 8pm rolled around.  I stayed up checking emails and blogging since they said she usually takes a 10pm bottle.  By 10 when she hadn't woken up, I figured I'd better get some sleep.  She finally woke up at midnight.  I fed her a bottle which she took all of and she fell back asleep, albeit about 90 minutes later.

She slept for an hour and woke up crying again, so I changed her (though she wasn't wet) and then after a while, laid her back in her crib.  It appeared she was up for the day, but I wasn't, so I slid my hand through the crib slats and fell asleep with her holding my finger.  I honestly don't know when she fell asleep.

She slept until about 6:30 even though 6 is her waking time.  I got her  up, let her play with Jenna while I made her bottle and gave her about 1/2 of it.  We Skyped with some family and then headed downstairs for breakfast.  I fed her some watermelon which she was OK with, along with tiny bits of hashbrown, some yogurt and applesauce.  We had to meet our guide at 8:45am in the lobby and so I gave her the rest of her bottle on the van to the Civil Affairs office, which she finished and promptly fell asleep.

She slept about an hour and then woke up for the van ride back to the hotel.  I gave her more applesauce and put her down for a nap about 1:00 but she didn't go to sleep until about 1:30.  Again, I fell asleep with my hand through the slats of the crib and her holding my finger long before she did.

I'll post another blog about what we have done today, but wanted to get this one up before she wakes up.

Since there's not been a picture in this post, I'll leave you with a few from the orphanage CD from her earlier days.


Christy said...

Not bad for the first day! Sounds like you are back in new mommy mode with no good sleep! She sure is a cutie! Praying her new schedule gets figured out pretty soon! Probably just in time to come home and mess it up again! =)

theonewhere said...

What a special gift to get those photos! I got two pictures of Olivia, and they were recent. Treasure those!!!!

Brook :)

Angie said...

What an amazing Gotcha day! Happy baby,Traditional Chinese outfit, happy baby, CD full of pictures, happy baby, and such! Not many Gotcha Days go like this. What a gift for you all! I am praying over time for you!! Blessings! Blessings!!