It's 9pm here and we are exhausted, but I know how I hate to be waiting on a blog and them not to post, so it's going to be a super quick overview...

Gloria our fabulous guide!
The Chinese are infatuated with blonde, white people.  They will stop and ask to have pictures with you.  We figured this would happen, but it was no more than 7-8 minutes and Jenna was quite freaked out.  This is her fake smile.  Our guide shooed them away after this and Jenna hung on to me for dear life all around Tienamen Square.
And here we are...Tienamen Square with Chairman Mao in the background.  There were TONS of people here.
The Forbidden City.  And I'm getting tired, so only 3 more to go... (I was tired at this point in the tour too!)  But the rest of the day will have to wait till tomorrow.  I'm sleepy...the Benedryl is kicking in and I'm the only one up.

We had a busy day and am looking forward to another busy day tomorrow!


Julie said...

Poor Jenna. She and Will can start a blonde hair club. Find her a hat or hood. It helped a little bit....rather it delayed the crowds by a few extra minutes.

Is it cold? It doesn't look terribly cold, or rather, you are not extra bundled so that is a good sign.

Christy said...

Glad you are having a good time. Hopefully, you will get a little more sleep tonight. Praying for you guys!

Vicky said...

I love your blog...t1hanks for taking the time to post! Loved your photos