A quick update

This update is going to be quick because I need to get out and get some lunch.  I have barely eaten a meal since we got here.

We are now in Guangzhou and have done the first part of making Kylie ours forever.  I promise I will get some blogs up...maybe this afternoon.

The night after my last post was better.  She whimpered several times in the night but I learned that I could just reach through the slats on my bed and pat her and she'd go right back to sleep.  I think we got about 7 hours of sleep. 

Then yesterday, we left the hotel at 2pm and boarded the plane to Guangzhou.  That flight wasn't too bad.  She cried just a bit.  But by the time we landed, got through the airport, retrieved our luggage, walked 9 miles to our bus, picked up a bunch of other families, got to the hotel and checked in, it was way past her bedtime, past her eating time etc.  She had already fallen asleep but I changed her clothes, her diaper and fed her a bottle.

Then the real fun began.  She screamed off and on the ENTIRE NIGHT.  Now she will not be put down EVER.  We borrowed a stroller from the hotel this morning and she screamed bloody murder.  It appears that for her to sleep we'll have to take shifts holding her.  She won't lay down in bed with me and the beds here are not nearly big enough.

There were tons of emails and comments from my last post and I can't tell you how much they help.  I have allowed Deanne (my sister in law) to help.  In fact, she got up almost every time last night to try and get Kylie back to sleep.

I'm not as exhausted, but I sure am ready for the hard part to be over (and yes, I know we are only at the beginning).

More later...I promise.


Amy said...

Still praying for you! How do you like your room at the Garden? Do you have the humongous bathroom? I am glad you are letting others help a bit and hopefully you are getting some sleep! Thanks for the updates! You will be home soon!

Vicky said...

I'm praying for you my friend. I'm sorry this has been so hard! I understand the crying when exhausted! Hang in there! You can do this! I'm so happy your traveling partner is there to help you. Prayers ascending on your behalf!

theonewhere said...

I am so glad so many people were supportive in you allowing someone to help you. :) It really is going to be okay. It really is probably not going to get better until you get home. lol. Try to enjoy what you can just knowing that once you are back and starting to settle into a routine you will find your groove. :) Enjoy a starbucks and try to do some shopping in between cries. ;)

It sounds like you have a lot of people on your side who remember what it was like to be where you are right now. This was us about 8 months ago. I couldn't have done it without my husband there....and we were still both exhausted and HUNGRY. Olivia was miserable. Once we were home, minus some waking in the night where she literally just wanted a hug, we fell into a routine VERY quickly.

You've got this! You are in the home stretch now!!!! :)

Brook :)

Steve & Kate said...

Oh Sandra, I feel for you. My first son did the same thing. It was so painful and I was so exhausted - definitely the hardest thing I ever experienced in my life. He would not go to sleep unless I was standing up with him! I couldn't even be sitting down on the bed or he would start crying angry ferocious tears - I still am not sure if that was grieving - knowing him, it probably was. I wanted to throw him across the room, and I was so ashamed for feeling that, but I was not expecting anything nearly so hard. Nobody else seemed to experience that level of difficulty, or just didnt talk about it, or I was a wuss. - I think it was just unusually hard. I'm praying for stamina for you. I remember crying out my eyes to God that week. For me, it was one of the first times when I realized how little I could control things. I pray things get easier and that you will develop a HUGE bond with Kylie while going through this - I did develop a good bond with my son. It was just so stinking hard.

Katelyn said...

so glad for the update! i can tell it is hard, but your positivity about it is wonderful to hear! how lucky are jg and ky? haha, can i call her ky? i guess it would be more like kyl? hmm. we'll have to work on that :)

i die about that photo of her and her foster sister touching heads! cannot wait til you get home so we can skype and i can see that little wiggler jiggler in action!