Speechless...alternatively titled...God Shows Up Part II

It's unusual for me to post twice in one day.  So you must know I have something important to say.  I'm blogging tonight not to brag or ask for attention for any particular person.  I am simply brought to my knees tonight in gratefulness to a God who just doesn't quit.  Praise God  that He doesn't.  And I want to journal here for me to come back and remember when I doubt.

I mentioned in this post how I don't understand why God continues to provide even through my doubt and unfaithfulness.  Then today happened...again...

One of those "strangers" I mentioned in the earlier post is actually the friend of a friend.  I have lots of lots of virtual friends who are adoptive moms.  These girls are as close to my heart as one can be that you've never met.  One of these sweet moms has become such a dear friend to me.  She pointed another adoptive mom (also adopting a cleft baby) to my blog.

This mom recently contacted me and gave me her blog and we exchanged an email or two.  It was in her first email to me that she said she wanted to make a donation to our adoption and wanted to know what address to send it to.

Today, I received her check in the mail.  Steve called because he'd gotten the mail and had seen the envelope.  He wanted to know who was sending it (as he did not recognize the return address name) and whether he could open it.  I told him he could and I could hear the paper rustling as he opened the envelope.

What I heard next was from Jenna....a huge gasp of surprise, then, "WHOA!!!!" and then silence.  Enough silence that I wasn't sure if we were still connected.  Finally, Steve squeaked out, near tears, "It's a check for $1,000!!"

Yes, my friends, God sent us $1,000 through another adoptive mama who had been equally blessed through her fundraising.  I found myself absolutely speechless.  And for those that know me, that is quite unusual.

So, I'm here telling this story not to applaud this generous donor (because I know she's reading).  Though I barely know her, my guess is she would not want her name mentioned here.  She didn't give for the recognition.  She gave, because like my former co-worker, it's what she felt God was leading her to do.

I want you to see how God is working.  That is undeniable.  And it's not just the $1,000.  It's the $50, the $200, the $10 and the $20 for all the t-shirts everyone bought.  Every single dollar has served to get us to this point. 

I am as humbled as I can possibly be.  I feel like I should be on my face before God thanking Him for being a God that pursues me.  He is not satisfied to get us "almost there" or "close".  He's going to blow us out of the water.

And you, my friends, are witnessing a miracle in the making. 

Jump on board because God isn't done yet.

Matter of fact, it looks like He's just. getting. started.


Christy said...

Now I will be singing Steven Curtis Chapman all night. "In fact, He's just getting started!!" I can see the Fingerprints of God all over your lives right now!

cyndi said...

This is so very wonderful! But I think that sweet mama knows what good hands her money is in. She let it go knowing that without a doubt God is using you for all sorts of good. And one day, there will be another adoptive family out there and my guess is right before their trip, they will be opening an unexpected gift from you and God...paying it forward, because you will remember what this day felt like and want to share those feelings with them. God bless that mother, she just wants you to have your baby in your arms, as well. Go bring her home :) Much love and prayers!