As You Are Reading This...

As you are reading this, I am likely flying over the ocean (or North Pole) on my way to get Kylie!  If you have just 30 seconds, please pray for our safe travels.  Pray that Jenna, Deanna and I can get some rest on the plane.  Pray for our health when we touch down in Beijing and for the weeks ahead of us.

Pray also for Steve...for those of you who have ever had a spouse travel internationally without you, it's unnerving to not be able to contact them while they are in transit.  Pray for his peace and for him to be able to rest.

The next time you hear from me, we'll be in a hotel room in Beijing!

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Vicky said...

As I write, you should be in Beijing! I pray that you get rested and are ready for your sightseeing tours tomorrow! Blessings, Vicky