Our China Schedule

This is my last post (for a while at least) from American soil!  Yes, our bags are packed and most of our carry on stuff is ready.  I'm wrapping up a few things at work today and then the real adventure begins. 

There are so many emotions swirling around inside me and I know Jenna feels it too.  There's excitement, nervousness, FEAR, self doubt etc.  Prayers for all those are needed.  If you need a reminder, you can find our specific prayer requests here.

After my post on Sunday, I have learned I'm not alone in these feelings.  I guess I never stopped to think that anyone else might have these feelings because so many families I have encountered are beyond excited.  And we are...it's just mixed in there with a bunch of other stuff.  But I'm so glad to see those comments knowing we are NOT alone!

I know a bunch of you are following along, so I wanted to post our itinerary here.  China time is 13 hours AHEAD of our time here.  So at the time of this posting, it's 7pm on Tuesday night in China.

Wednesday, 3/14
Leave Nashville at 7:40am (United) to Chicago for arrival in Chicago 9:27am
Leave Chicago at 1:00pm to Beijing, China

Thursday, 3/15 (Now, China time)
Arrive Beijing at 3:40pm
Depart for the Novotel Beijing Peace hotel
Dinner and rest

Friday, 3/16
Breakfast and rest
Afternoon Hutong tour of old Beijing and lunch

Saturday, 3/17
Tour Great Wall of China, Tienanmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and lunch

Sunday, 3/18
Depart Beijing for Nanjing (Jiangsu) at 10:45am to arrive at 12:45pm
Arrive at Mandarin Garden Hotel, lunch or dinner and rest

Monday, 3/19*
GOTCHA DAY!! Forever in our arms.
*Kylie's orphanage is 3-4 hours away, so we expect the timing to get Kylie will be later in the afternoon.  As soon as I know, I'll try to post some times!
Quick Wal-Mart run for Kylie essentials!
Bonding at hotel

Tuesday, 3/20 - Wednesday, 3/21
Bonding at hotel
Other Nanjing sightseeing and adoption stuff (more to come on this).

Thursday, 3/22
Orphanage Visit (travel 3-4 hours to Kylie's orphanage in Lianyungang City)

Friday, 3/23
Flight to Guangzhou, Guangdong (times forthcoming)
Arrive at The Garden Hotel in Guangzhou
Dinner and rest

Saturday, 3/24 - Monday 3/26
Guangzhou sightseeing and shopping
Other adoption paperwork and stuff (medical visit etc.)

Tuesday, 3/27
Consulate Appointment (this finalizes the adoption on the US side).

Wednesday, 3/28
Pick up Kylie's Visa and take afternoon/evening van ride (about 4 hours) to Hong Kong.
Arrive at the Marriott Hong Kong Hotel
REST and pack up!

Thursday, 3/29
Flight departs Hong Kong at 11:10am
Arrive Chicago on Thursday, 12:37pm
Clear customs, grab some...lunch?  dinner?  Who knows!

Depart Chicago at 4:50pm to NASHVILLE!!!  We are almost there!
Arrive Nashville, United flight 5825 at 6:17pm

We would love to see anyone and everyone who wants to welcome us at the airport.  I can assure you, seeing your sweet faces will be the best thing in the world after being gone so long.  I will probably weep with joy.  I totally wish I was kidding!  And if you have cameras or video, bring those!  We have a photographer friend coming who will be getting shots of all of you and us, so come with a smile!

Also, as we journey, please feel free to comment on our blog while we travel.  The comments really do make a huge difference.  And if you need me, email me at sandysignr AT charter DOT net.  I'll have access to that email.

Away we go!!!!


Janet said...

I found your blog from Rushton's blog. We adopted our daughter last month and we were also in Nanjing, at the Mandarin Garden. Just a head's up - it's not nearly as nice or Americanized as the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou. Finding good food was hard, and not many people spoke English. Also, the rooms were fine, but not very clean. I wish I had taken a plastic tablecloth to put on the floor for playtime. You can read more about it on my blog, or feel free to email me. Just know that it will feel like a luxury vacation once you get to Guangzhou! Blessing to you!

Kelly said...

Whoop! So exciting! We stayed at both the Novotel and the Garden. Novotel was very comfortable and in a great location:) The Garden is AMAZING!!!!! So beautiful!

Enjoy. Breath. Soak in every amazing moment. Take more pictures than you think you need! Praying for your journey and for your sweet baby!!!

Allison said...

You forgot...
March 23 Meet Allison and Lyla!!!! :)

See you soon!

Jenna said...

Wow! How cool! I can't believe it. Just six short days until she's in your arms! I've been reading your blog since you first started talking about adoption and now she's coming home! Praying for your safety!