In a few weeks, Jenna's school will be celebrating one of my (and Jenna's) favorite hobbies...READING!

Every year, they try to schedule some celebrities to come in and read to the kids.  So, they are already putting the call out.  Of course, I don't know any celebrities personally, but I thought maybe one of my readers might have connections. 

What kind of celebrity?  How about...
She's local (kind of) and has been very well known in her support for kids reading and books.  If not her, how about...

Yeah, that one is a stretch, but I'm pretty sure I'd get voted mother of the year if I could arrange a visit from Selena. 

Talk about mother of the year.  To get the famous Justin Beiber to read...I think that would be a lost cause.  Those girls would never hear a word he said for drooling over him.  Heck, I know a couple of my adult friends who would have to be physically restrained!

Hmmm...she's pretty local...sometimes...bet her appearance might be a bit controversial though.  Maybe in a blonde Hannah Montana wig.

OK, well, this one is really all me, but dang.  He's local.  And surely some of you musical geniouses out there know how to get in touch with him and beg for a favor.  Just tell him we are adopting from China and see if he is willing.  You know, meeting this family is on my bucket list, so I could kill two birds with one stone.

I'll be anxious to see who the school ends up with.  I'll keep you posted!


Jennifer said...

If they get Steven Curtis Chapman... I am taking a road trip to join your daughter at school that day!

Patricia said...


This is such a nice blog. We will be following the adoption process.

I just wanted to let you know that Faith mentions Jena in her prayers every night, asking God to help your family with "adopting a little girl from China" :}