Please pardon the interruption...

Just a quick side note to let you know that I've disabled anonymous comments and required my moderation before comments are posted.

On my last post, I got 2 quite ugly comments anonymously of course.  And since this is MY blog and no one is forced to read it, I deleted the comments.  If you have something to say, at least be big enough to address it with me privately or post the comment where everyone can see who you are.  But DO NOT use the comments on my blog as a forum to argue with me about what you disagree with me on.

With that said, I know most of this doesn't apply to my readers.  I don't want to make my blog private, but I certainly will do so if needed.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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Kristie said...

I read those comments yesterday and was appalled someone would leave that on your baby's blog.
I think you handled it good.

Thanks again for buying 4 chances. I put your name in 4 times and if Jenna pulls your name out on Mothers Day I will get your address from you. Thanks again and have a great day.