Build A Bear

Recently, Jenna wanted to make a trip to her all-time favorite place...Build A Bear Workshop.  I made Jenna's first bear for her when she was a tiny infant.  My niece and I took our kids there while we were still on maternity leave.  Since then, I realized Jenna has inherited my childhood affinity for stuffed animals. 

As a child, I had hundred of stuffed animals and if given the choice would choose a stuffed animal over any other kind of toy.  Maybe it's an only child thing?

At any rate, it had been a while since we'd been to BABW and Jenna had really done some things to earn the trip.  So off we went.  When we got there, she wanted to know whether she could get something for Kylie?  How could I refuse!

And you'll never guess what she chose?  The panda bear!  Matching ones for them both!  Hers is a boy named Bamboo.  Kylie's is a girl named Lily Rose.  Here she is getting Kylie's stuffed (soft).
And yes, she's telling the girl that worked there all about our adoption and Kylie.  It was very sweet.  I told Jenna we'd take Lily Rose with us to China.  Lily Rose told me she was really looking forward to it!  :)

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