Friday Night Pizza

Friday night, Steve was bowling as usual and so it was just Jenna and I.  We weren't in the mood to eat out and just wanted to come home and hang out.  I was in the middle of a book I wanted to finish (more on that in the days to come) so we just came home and scavenged the pantry to see what we could find for dinner.

What we came up with was homemade pizza.  I had forgotten I bought all the stuff for it during my last grocery trip and Jenna had never had homemade pizza before.  We are very simple pizza eaters, so just pepperoni for me and cheese for Jenna.

Here's what it looked like after it was cooked.  I think it looks like something delivered to our house if I do say so myself!
Even Jenna said it was "delicious"!  She's not a huge pizza fan, so the fact she thought it was good (and ate 3 pieces was a pretty big compliment!)

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Stacey said...

Does that pizza stone really work? I have wanted one for a while but have always been too cheap to buy one. :)