My Sweet Girl

This past Saturday, we had just gotten home from our photoshoot and running errands...it was pretty warm out and I'd just had a good lunch.  I felt like I just needed to lay down for a minute and rest.  But laundry was calling and Jenna wanted me to play frisbee with her.  ARGH!  What's a girl to do?

So I got Jenna to come in our bedroom and lay down with me and watch TV.  I told her to watch the clock for 30 minutes and then wake me up if I fell asleep. I told her I'd get up and get the laundry going and then if we had time play frisbee.

Well, I fell asleep.  And when she woke me up, it had actually been about 45 minutes.  It took me a while to get woken up, but I was awake enough to notice the laundry basket in my floor was gone.  When I got to the bonus room, this is what greeted me there:
My sweet girl had gotten up as soon as I fell asleep and sorted the laundry for me.  Not only did she sort it, but she checked the pockets (like I always do!) and managed to get everything in the right spot except maybe a garment or two.

She was rewarded by a surprise monetary donation (she's saving for our Atlanta trip this summer) and a mean game of frisbee (which ended soon because it was so blasted windy, you couldn't aim the frisbee for anything and we both ended up running all over creation!)

Love my girl!


Christy said...

Don't you love it when they do things like that? Those momentary glimpses that really let you know you are doing something right as a mom!

Karen said...

What a sweet girl! I know that was a nice surprise when you woke up. Taking care of you... I love it!