Easter pics!

Thought you might enjoy some pictures of our Easter.

For the first time, we did Resurrection Rolls on Saturday morning. 

If you have never done these before, you can find the recipe here.  I'm not sure Jenna really understood the reason behind them.  She's pretty familiar with the crucifixion and resurrection.  The whole premise is that when they are cooked, the marshmallow inside melts, leaving the actual roll empty, just like th tomb.  Unfortunately, ours didn't work quite as well as I anticipated.

Most of the marshmallow oozed out, but I managed to scrape it off the pan and put them on a plate, so all Jenna saw was that the rolls were empty.  And all but 1 was eaten, so I guess they tasted  OK! 
After the resurrection rolls, we colored eggs.  There are so many different coloring kits out there, but I just went with the basic egg color.  No tie dye, no tattoo, no wrap arounds.  I remember when you just had like 4 color tablets.  This kit had 9, but we only used 7. 

Since Jenna discovered the truth about Santa Claus, that means she figured out the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy etc. also.

I didn't want to fill a big basket full of junky candy (we are really trying to do better with our eating) and so we did something smaller and a little different.  Jenna has been missing her iPod shuffle for quite a while now.  So we purchased her another one with a handful of stuff from the dollar bin at Target.  I figure I spent about the same amount with this small basket as I would have one I made filled with candy and gum. 

I think she might have liked the iPod a little.  :)

Then yesterday morning, Steve had to be at the church at the crack of dawn (something like 6:45am) so we didn't get a family picture together, but I took several of Jenna and got one of me and her.  I almost made us late trying to get the tripod set up and stuff, but in the end, I am glad I got them.  They turned out well and Jenna's hair is super curly.

Hope you all had a Happy Easter.  He is Risen!


Kristie said...

thanks for the encouraging words. itr's been a down day but i will be back on the roller coaster tomorrow. thanks for buying chances for the quilts it means a lot to us. Kristie

Kristie said...

oh I forgot to tell you in above message. I put your name in 4 times in the drawing. email me you address so i can out it on the form to. KOlges@aol.com