Last week, Jenna was complaining about her ear being stopped up.  There was no pain but she complained about not being able to hear well etc.  I called the doctor to see if I just needed to increase her allergy medicine or give her something additional over the counter.  They thought it would be best if she came in just to have it looked at.

So, away we went one day after school.  Here's Jenna, happy to be at the doctor...
We finally got back to see the doctor and immediately when she looked in her ears, she saw the problem...wax.  Apparently, there was quite the buildup in there.  So she cleaned it out and gave us some drops to keep her ear from getting infected where she's been in there messing around.  then she gave us some samples of an OTC medicine which will help keep the buildup from happening again. 

Jenna now can't claim to not have heard us telling her what to do! 

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