A Blog Break

OK, so I've taken a bit of a blog break lately.  It wasn't really intentional, but the last week and 1/2 have just been crazy at work and at home.  The weekends are crazy too, so I just never had time to sit down and blog.

But I'm back now and hopefully will have something to blog about.  Now that our dossier is in China, I feel like there's not much to say.  As of Friday, we've been DTC (dossier to China) for 2 weeks.  We are still waiting to get our LID (log in date).  The information we got from the agency was 2-6 weeks for that, so we are just now on the early end.

I am thinking that a new matching list will come out in about 3 weeks so hopefully we'll have a LID by then.  We don't anticipate getting  a referral this soon, but the April match will be the first one we actually might be eligible for! 

I know it's short, but now that I'm back, I'll have some interesting posts over this week...come back tomorrow for more!

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