Yes, 3 posts in a day, but there's NO WAY I can NOT share the good news!  I just received an email from my agency with our log in date (LID)!!!!  A LID is the official date that China literally "logs in" your dossier!  This is as official as you can get!

THIS IS SUPER EXCITING!  I almost stopped breathing!  We were told to expect the LID to come in 2-6 weeks.  It will have been 3 tomorrow!  SO EXCITED!


Christy said...

Hooray!!! So, now the official waiting begins!

Anonymous said...

HI, came over from RQ.

I saw another poster mention the agency. We are with AW as well.

We are not in process at the moment but have adopted 3 children with them from China!

Congrats on your LID! A big milestone for sure.