Adoption List

The list of special needs orphans in China is released once a month and generally comes out around the 20th ish every month.  Last night the list for April came out.  This was the first list we were really eligible to receive a match from.

It was pretty exciting to think our little Kylie's picture could have come last night.  Now, if the truth be told, I knew it was highly unlikely we'd get matched this quickly, but I was (and am) excited at the possibility.  The agency will call in the middle of the night if a match is made.

The last 2 months worth of lists have been really small so there haven't been as many matches.  I looked back at the last 13 months of our agency and it looks like they average about 8 families matched a month.  The total from the last two months was 7.  I'm hoping with the list being a little later this month that it will be a bigger list and the future lists will be back to normal.

I'll try and let you know before the next list comes out.

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