Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, I remember and honor several women in my life. I still think of and miss my mom.  The mom who raised me the best she could until cancer stole her ability to do so.

I also find that I miss the woman who became my mother when I married Steve.   Mary was a mother to everyone who would let her.  I miss her as if she were my own mother.  And I know today brings mixed emotions for the moms in the Taylor family.

And then I honor the woman who stepped in to be my "mom" and one of the only grandparents Jenna will ever remember...
And today, I am also thankful for this precious blessing that made all my sadness disappear the day she entered the world.  She danced in church today and I could not have received a better gift.

And then she also presented me with a plethora of sweet, heartfelt gifts today which are the best ones in my opinion!

After church, I was treated to lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant.  Upon arrival, we were seated immediately (miracle on a Sunday afternoon!) AND was told for moms, it was free queso day!  YAY for free queso!  YUM!  We then went and visited with my stepmom (see above) and celebrated this special day with her.

During the worship time at church, Jenna was where she always is, clinging to my side.  And I had a sudden memory of way back before I was pregnant...standing during the worship in the building at the main campus and watching a sweet daughter hold to her mom in front of me.  I don't remember who that family was or how old the little girl was, but what I do remember is wondering if that would ever be me.  A mom with a sweet child holding on to my side.  And then here I am.  I am abundantly blessed to be sure.

And today, even enjoying my day, my thoughts turn to my other daughter, Kylie, in a far away world.  With no mom or dad.  And so many others like her. 

Thank you sweet Jenna Grace for making me feel like I'm the best mom in the world (despite all my shortcomings).  And to you Kylie...Mommy is coming for you soon.  Until then, may God send his angels to watch over you.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers, adoptive mothers, step moms and birth mothers.

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