Happy Memorial Day

I have a confession to make...I sometimes write my blog posts in advance and date them to post on a certain day.  I did that with the post below about my PC.  And now I have to confess because I don't actually have my computer back yet.  It does need, and is getting, a new hard drive, but it has to be sent off.  When I originally wrote the post, I had no idea it would take this long.  So anyway, there's my confession.

Today was a SUPER GOOD day.  We celebrated my great-nephew's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARRETT!!!  He turned 10 and he and Jenna really enjoy getting to spend time together despite their gender differences.  After the party, we went to eat lunch with my family, which is always enjoyable.  I got to catch up with my sister in law, which was a welcome surprise.

I spent a few hours at home doing laundry and Saturday was spent in almost its entirety cleaning this house.  Then tonight, we went to grill out with several couples from our LifeGroup from church.  It was absolutely wonderful!  I love spending time with these families because they are so REAL.  And it makes me so happy to know that they are just like us in so many respects.  It does make getting up in the morning way harder.  My little sidekick won't be going to school, so I will be making the long commute alone and it gets rather lonely.

And also, I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge those who have paid the ultimate price to secure our freedom.  On this Memorial Day, I want to thank those of you who have lost loved ones while fighting for our country.  I am forever grateful.

Hope your Memorial Day was as good as ours!

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