If you'd wondered why my pictures have been scarce or not as good quality as usual, well...

A few weeks ago, Steve's laptop, a Toshiba (the same brand of our first laptop) started acting weird.  Actually his Outlook started acting up and we thought it was some software problem.  Then we got this screen...

We took the computer (which was ony about 9 months old) to Best Buy and found that the hard drive had crashed, everything was gone and they had to replace the drive.  Luckily, Steve doesn't keep much stuff on his drive so not a lot of loss.

Then about 2 weeks after we got his PC fixed, this is what popped up on my screen:
So, I also had to get a new hard drive.  I luckily had backed up all my pictures, so no losses there, but I did have quite a few adoption forms and stuff that I'd saved and not backed up.  I was just sick that I'd lost it all, but with a new hard drive, I'm good to go.

Did I mention my laptop is the exact same as Steve's?  Not sure what's going on with the Toshiba laptop hard drives, but I hope it's fixed now.

So thanks for bearing with me and my lack of pictures and quality.

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