Field Trip

A few weeks ago, Jenna's class had a field trip to the state capitol.  Since I had not been able to chaperone a field trip this year, I took the day off and drove a bunch of giggling girls downtown.

First up was a scavenger hunt which took a pretty good chunk of time.  But the girls got it done. 
After all that hard work, it was lunch time, which was topped off by slushies purchased by a generous parent.  Jenna got cherry, but didn't like it.  And since I didn't want it to go to waste...  :)

After that, we walked up the 300+ stairs to the capitol.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and it was quite warm.  The day started out a little chilly, so I wore 3/4 sleeves, which turned out to be  a good thing because it means the only thing that got burned was my head.  :)

The best part of the whole day (besides getting into my air conditioned van) was getting to spend time with my girl.  I know these days are numbered and I thought it was a PTO day well spent!

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