Adoption List-May

So, we have it on good authority that the next list of available children for adoption will come out tonight. 

This will be month #2 we will be eligible for since logging in our dossier back in March.  What is the liklihood that Kylie will be in that list of children?  We really don't know.  It depends on how many children are on the list all together as well as the types of special needs that are there and finally how many other families are waiting at my agency for the exact same kind of child as we are.  There are very many options in play.

I can assure you, I will post to the blog if we hear anything.  It will be late Monday night (our time) when the list arrives.  And I'm not sure when exactly I will post.  Once we are matched, we'll have an international adoption specialist pediatrician review the file to be sure there are no hidden needs to be concerned about.  Sometimes, prospective parents, for whatever reason, are not able to accept a referral.  Those files are unlocked and available to be re-locked for a new family on Thursday night.  If we aren't matched tonight, our second chance is Thursday night.

We are trying not to get our hopes up and even if we aren't matched with this list, we know it's all in God's good timing and we will still be one step closer to our Kylie.

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