The Gift

In our fair city, there is a new movement to help the homeless called the Nashville Contributor Newspaper.  Those who chose to participate stand in certain heavy traffic areas and sell the newspaper for $1 or whatever contribution you choose.

There is a sweet lady near my work who stands at the exit ramp from the interstate.  I've bought papers from her a number of times and if the light is red, she'll stand and talk to you or bless you.  If the light is green she'll wave at every car that passes.  I've seen cars hand her bags of clothing and food out their window.  That lady probably has more friends than I do.

Well, a few weeks ago, there was a gentleman standing on the exit ramp where we get off the interstate to Jenna's school.  Jenna noticed him right away.  It tore her up that he was standing there having to sell papers and to know he probably didn't have a home.  I turned the moment into a learning opportunity and told her about how they sell papers as their "job" and it helps them make money.  She wanted to give him some money, but I never carry cash with me, so I didn't have anything.  I suggested she might give him some of the money she's been saving for our trip to Atlanta later this summer.  She didn't like that idea very much!

However, when I came home that afternoon, this is what I found:
That's her donation bag.  It has a baggie of goldfish crackers, baggie of cookies, baggie of snack mix, brownie, bottle of flavored water, pop tart, a blanket (pink, no less) and a tiny pillow that Jenna sewed herself.

And that's not all.

See the money?  That, my friends, is a $20 bill.  From her Atlanta money.  Tell my that my God is not doing a work in this girl!

Jenna has watched us be faithful in our tithing and how God blesses us.  But it took everything within me not to tell her to keep her money and I'd give mine.  Or to not give so much.  I even thought about sending her an anonymous $20 bill in the mail.

Why do I feel the need to help God bless my child?  It was definitely an eye opening experience for me.  I am just so proud that she has such a giving heart.  What more could a parent ask for? 

It took us a few days for us to be able to deliver the bag because the gentleman wasn't standing in his normal spot for a while.  Jenna was extremely frustrated for a while, but finally, we were able to bless him.

I don't know if he will eat the food or drink the water, but I know that someone was blessed because of a 9 year old girl's generosity.



Learning to Parent said...

I don't know you but this touched me very much today! I actually started crying a little bit. :)

Jennifer said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing!