Something Else to Be Thankful For

I couldn't let this day get past without sharing something that happened recently for which I'm thankful...

As you know, Kylie had cleft palate repair surgery back at the end of August.  In January, when I was choosing my medical benefit options at work, I knew we would have vastly increased medical expenses this year and so I chose accordingly.  We knew we would owe at least $2500 out of pocket (that would exceed our FSA contributions).

Sure enough, when the hospital bill came, our amount owed, after insurance, was about $2300.  I put off calling the hospital to make payment arrangements because I just hated that we even had to do it.  But it was expected, so about a month ago, I prepared to make the phone call (talk about humbling...).

My friend, Jennifer, had mentioned to me prior that her children's hospital (in another state) had financial aid that you could apply for and I should ask about that.  Lo and behold, as I'm dialing the number, I notice a line on the bill that says, "To make payment arrangements or request financial aid, call..."  REQUEST FINANCIAL AID??? 

So, I get the gentleman on the line and tell him I want to make payment arrangements.  He takes my first payment and I inquire about financial aid.  He says all he can tell me is that there's a form and he will request it be sent to me.  He verified my address, I thanked him for his time and with $200 less in my account, I disconnected.

That was the last I thought about it until late last week when I realized I'd never gotten those blasted forms in the mail.  I even picked up the phone to call them back and request it again, but got sidetracked and then figured I'd just wait until the first of December when I called to make my next installment payment.

Yesterday afternoon when I got home from work, the first thing I did (as always) was go for the mail.  In the stack, was an envelope from the hospital.  I was excited because I automatically assumed it was the financial aid paperwork I'd requested weeks ago.  Instead, it was a letter.  And it read....

"We have received and processed your request for financial assistance with your medical bills.  We are happy to let you know that you qualify for 100% assistance...For the account listed above, your balance has been adjusted to zero."


I owe nothing.

I had no words.  I never got that paperwork in the mail and I certainly never filled it out.  How do you explain that?  It's like a $2000 Christmas present!

And I couldn't help but think how it parallels the greatest gift mankind has ever received...

I had a huge debt I couldn't pay.

I needed financial aid.  Something that would help me pay the debt.  But there was nothing that I could do to repay.

And without my asking...without my even knowing it was done, Christ paid that debt for me on the cross.  Just like somehow, some way, my bill at the hospital was PAID. IN. FULL.

I am just as unworthy of the blessing many years ago on the cross as I am today of this blessing.  And I'm equally amazed at the goodness and provision of God.

I deserved to pay that bill.  I incurred the charges.  The money should have come from my account to put me in right standing with the hospital. 

Instead, someone else paid what I owed.  And now...I am debt free.  My account is zero.

And so, on this day of ultimate Thanksgiving...I give thanks again for the ways that he has blessed me.  I am the most undeserving of all.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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brook said...

i seriously teared up reading that. what a wonderful wonderful story to read on thanksgiving. it is such a great story i am thankful for what happened on your behalf. lol.