30 Days of Thanks - Day 10

Today I am thankful for my Lifegroup.

At our church, we don't have traditional Sunday School.  When we launched our regional campus, we called it serve one, worship one.  Launch members would serve one hour (teach a children's class, greet, usher, help park etc) and then the next hour we'd worship one.

In place of the standard Sunday School class, Lifegroups were created.  Most of them, including the one we are in, meet Sunday nights.  And that buzz phrase that has become so popular is oh-so-true with these folks...we really do "DO LIFE TOGETHER".

Now this is only the ladies in our Lifegroup and there are some honorary members missing too, but lemme tell you....THIS is my family (well, a small portion of them).  I left for China on Wednesday and made Steve Skype me into Lifegroup meeting both Sundays I was in China.  OH YES I DID.  And I'll tell you what, seeing these faces from thousands of miles away was like a fresh drink of water.  I literally teared up seeing them.

I have every one of their cell numbers and know I could text, call or email any of them at any time for any need and they'd come running.  You just don't find that everywhere.  It seems like there's just not enough words to say how thankful I am for this group of Believers.

I am thankful.

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