Finding....The Rest of the Story

OK, apparently I've left you hanging long enough.  This wasn't meant to be a cliff hanger, but it was merely a byproduct of me not having enough time to get all the way through the story.

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In part 3, here's where I left you...
Kylie was found on January 31, 2011 right near the electric pole directly in the middle of the photo above.  To the right is a gas station.

We know this because our friend who was there to take pictures of the spot, FOUND Kylie's finder.  Not only did she find him, but she spoke with him.

Let me stop here and say, I have struggled with whether to make this part of her story public.  It IS her story to tell for sure and so perhaps I am doing her a disservice by telling it before she's old enough to understand.  And if you think I am, don't bother telling me in the comments.  I'm not asking for public opinion. I am tellling the story to share with you how my glorious and loving God watched out for this precious life thousands of miles away through the kindness of strangers.

Here is Mr. Jiao.
Mr. Jiao works at the gas station to the right of the pole in the above picture.  Here is what the email from our investigator said:

"We located your daughter finder, Mr. Jiao, (he is one on the paper work). He first saw your daughter at 4:00am at his working place, and he informed his friend Mr. Yan (who he is clean street man) to take care of it, because it is too cold. Mr. Jiao gave Mr. Yan to take care of your daughter. So, Yan took your daughter to the spot where he found some straw to keep her warm. Mr. Yan settle down your daughter and he think this is not right, he went back to Mr. Jiao, they think need to call the police station to hand over. so, they phoned the police station.

The finding day is very cold, your daughter first was found under the electric pole near the gas station where Jiao works. Jiao wants her in better place, and he asked Mr. Yan to take care of her.

We found this two kind men, they still remember that finding date is near Chinese new year time."
I received this information early one Sunday morning before church.  I wept when I read it.  It was 4:00am on January 31.  The wee hours of the morning.  And since you can find anything on Google, I found that the month of the coldest temps in Jiangsu province is in January, with the average being about 31 degrees.  That's the average. That means at 4am, the temps are probably well below that.
Mr. Yan is pictured here.
These two men are Kylie's angels.  As you read above, Mr. Yan took Kylie to a place with straw to try and keep her warm.  Straw.  Know anyone else who was put in straw right after they were born?  Not that I'm comparing Kylie to the baby Jesus, but this news was like God's nod to me that He was right there with her all along.  She was never really alone.
This place is near the place (a hotel) listed as her finding spot in the referral papers.  I guess it's a lot like when a crime or accident takes place, they just list the nearest cross street.

Here are Mr. Jiao and Mr. Yan pointing to the exact spot where Kylie was.

We will be sending some gifts to these two men to thank them for taking care of our girl until she could be moved to safety.  Clearly, they weren't sure what to do with her but they knew that leaving her wasn't right.  I picked up winter hats, scarves and gloves to send as thanks.  But how exactly do you thank someone for saving your child's life?
There is more to come once our investigator arrives back to her home.  She took more photos and videos of the city and village where Kylie is likely from.  I'll get those in a few weeks.  But now I know the whole story.  Kylie' China Mommy left her right in the middle of the street near a gas station where she knew Kylie would be found.  We know she was wrapped in a "brightly colored" quilt (we asked for this, but it was destroyed after she was brought to the orphanage.  It is possible the quilt is pictured below.
So, now you know the whole story.  And not only that, but Kylie will know more of her story too and the part these two men played in bringing her to us.


Kelly said...

What a treasure! We know so little about our children. How amazing you know so much more detail!!!

Christy said...

What a blessing! God was truly working to keep Kylie safe until she came to your arms. I am crying in the oil change place! These two men are definitely angels!

Pruiksma's Progress said...

Sandra can you message me on fb the info for this investigator? Thanks!