Finding...Part 2

*If you haven't read part one, you can do that here.

At the end of part 1 of the story, we ended with deciding to hire this woman to see if she could locate Kylie's actual finding spot.

We had seen other families who would visit the finding spot and photograph everything looking out from that spot as if to show their child later the view they would have had and I just wanted a little something like that.

On a fluke, and I'm not sure really why I even bothered to do it, I emailed Kylie's orphanage and asked if they could send a copy of the police report to me with another family who was traveling soon.  I had the good fortune of photographing this family's child when I picked up Kylie and so I asked them if they could deliver the report back to me if I emailed the orphanage and they were more than happy to oblige.

Anyway, I never got a response from the orphanage and quite frankly, I forgot the family had even traveled.  Then, one day I received an email stating they not only had visited the orphanage, but the orphanage staff had indeed received my request and provided them our police report!

I was so excited and when it arrived in the mail, asked my Chinese neighbor to tell me what it said.  I was, admittedly, slightly disappointed when she relayed basically what was in the referral papers. 

So, a few more months pass and then I realize if I want this lady to get going on my trip, I'd better forward her all the paperwork she needed.  I emailed her everything she asked for and then also included the police report in case it would further identify Kylie's exact finding spot.

It was after she received the paperwork when she emailed me back and told me the news...

The police report listed the name and address of the gentleman who found Kylie.

More to come...

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Tera said...

Sandra- so suspenseful!! Could you email me her info? When we visited the orphanage, we not only found out who found our daughter but I even have a photograph of her ID so I wonder if she could tell me more about the morning my baby was found.
teraknepp at yahoo