30 Days of Thanks - Day 30

Today, I'm thankful for my salvation.

As I reflect over these last 30 days (holy cow, where did the time go?!), I think about all the posts and things I am thankful for.  I will admit, 30 days was kind of a long time to go trying to think of new things every day to be thankful for.  But the challenge exercised my brain to think of things I would not normally remember to be thankful for.

And really all of it comes down to my salvation and having a God that pursues.  Did you read that?  A GOD THAT PURSUES.  In other words, not a God who is nice enough not to strike me dead when I mess up.  Or not a God that sits on his high and mighty throne hoping I will do just the right combination of "good" things to get to be in his presence.

No, this is a God who can't just sit still while I stray.  He comes after me.  Just like any other parent.  Not just hollers to me "Hey, come back here!", but literally moves heaven and earth to be there for me when I call.  I always imagined God running down a path to catch up to me. 

THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE RUNS AFTER ME.  Because he loves me THAT much.

Holy cow.

I am blessed.

I am thankful.

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