Worship Leader

This past weekend, our church had a family worship service where the kids are on risers on stage leading in worship music.

Occasionally, two lucky kids get to actually lead with the worship team.  And this was Jenna's chance!!
She was SO excited and the worship music was some of our favorite and most familiar!  Mr. Jeremy (our wonderful worship leader pictured here to Jenna's right) did a fabulous job choosing just the right music!

I was SO proud of my girl!  She just keeps giving me things to be proud of!  And Kylie is still going with me to service each week (although we did hang out with our friends in the nursery during the first hour this week and she did great!).  She just watches and listens to the music so intently.  She always has her hand raised and I can't help but thing these worship services (we've been going every week since Easter) are the first times she's heard the wonderful music I love.  And being there every week fills me up the way I need too.

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Vicky said...

Hi Sandra! I too love worship music and what a joy to see your daughter leading worship. I'm glad God says to make a joyful noise!